Sharing Stories

So…I have finally (mostly) decided what I’m doing with this blog. As some of you guys know, my mental health journey has really been influenced by other people’s stories. I can’t even say specifically in what way because there are so many ways…from simple moments of connection to life-changing coping skills and everything in between (and everything I can’t remember).

It only seems fair that this blog be about storytelling. Not of the bedtime story variety, but about the people that have been brave enough to put themselves out there in order to make a difference. I’ll be looking at different stories people have shared, whether it be through books, podcasts, youtube videos, or anything else, and sharing them, in turn, with all of you.

I have a bit of a starter list (mostly people who’ve been instrumental in my own journey) but if you see something you want me to take a look at, definitely tell me!

Until next time,



Well Hi.


So as most of you guys know, I ran a mental health-focused blog for all of last year. I’ve decided to let it go for now, and instead write a blog that will actually go out to all of you. That definitely means there will be a little less screaming into the void than my other blog (those of you I’ve shown posts to, you know what I mean), but I think it’ll pay off in the end.

I have a few ideas for where this blog might be headed, but we’ll see. (It also depends on how often my cat walks over the keyboard trying to “help”).

Until next time, I guess (wow, look at me pretending I know how often I’ll update)

(And yes, the title is from a Three Days Grace song. Listen to it. It’s good.)